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What should the Patriots expect from Cam Newton…

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What should the Patriots expect from Cam Newton...

Cam Newton is officially a member of the New England Patriots. How will the 2020 season potentially play out in Foxborough?

The wait is over for Cam Newton, as he’s officially inked a one-year deal with the Patriots, just as many football fans anticipated when the offseason got underway back in February. Not many people thought it’d take this long for Newton to find a new home, but the COVID-19 pandemic has shaken everything up.

Newton spent nine years with the Carolina Panthers after they made him the first overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft. He led them to a Super Bowl in the 2015 season after going 15-1 and they fell just short of winning it all that season, but Newton won MVP.

Unfortunately, he hasn’t been the same since that Super Bowl winning season and injuries paved the way for him to be cast aside by Carolina.

Now that Newton has found his next NFL home, what should the Patriots expect from him?

It didn’t feel right for the Patriots to go from Tom Brady to Jarrett Stidham, but that appeared to be the plan this offseason. The Patriots also brought in Brian Hoyer, who has spent a few different stints in New England, but he’s nothing more than a steady backup.

While the Patriots might decide to let Stidham show what he can do, his leash probably won’t be very long, especially with Newton in the fold now. As soon as Stidham shows signs of struggling, Newton will take over.

It’s also possible that Newton wins the job outright because he is the biggest name on their roster. Going from Brady to Newton is a lot easier to sell to Patriots fans than Brady to Stidham.

The Patriots for sure can win ball games with Newton under center because they still have talent everywhere else on the field. Julian Edelman might be banged up a bit, but he’s a good receiver. Sony Michel showed during his rookie season that he’s a reliable running back (even if 2019 was a down year). Throw in how good the defense was last season and this is a team that can definitely vie for a playoff spot in 2020, as long as Newton is leading the charge.

Cam Newton is only signed to a one-year deal in New England. A one-year deal for someone like Newton (plagued by injuries and getting past his prime) is very much a “prove it” deal and if he’s able to get out on the gridiron and win games for the Patriots, then maybe a longer stint in New England is in the cards.

So while it’s possible that Stidham gets a chance, more than likely Newton is now the man in Foxborough.

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What should the Patriots expect from Cam Newton this season?

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