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This level seems pretty standard

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This level seems pretty standard

Do you feel there is any truth to the often-heard sentiment that Aaron Rodgers’ competitive nature is additionally motivated by “playing with a chip on his shoulder” resulting from comments/observations generated in discussions of NFL matters?

It was definitely true earlier in his career. I’m not sure how much that’s true today. I think he’s more motivated now by the legacy he’s going to leave, and that legacy will be greatly enhanced with another Super Bowl title. I’m not certain too much else has an impact anymore.

For Russell from Des Moines, IA, the most teams to go to the playoffs from one year to the next since the playoffs expanded to 12 teams is eight. It has happened three times. The most from either conference was in 2012 when the AFC had five teams repeat from the previous year. Total breakdown: four teams (2 times), five teams (7 times), six teams (6 times), seven teams (10 times), and eight teams (3 times). Just don’t tell my boss this was the statistical research I was working on today.

Hats off to Glen from Eugene, OR, for the research he did as well. The eight-team “mosts” occurred in 2015, 2012 and 1995.

Nathanael from Belle Plaine, MN

Seeing MVS working with Moss reminds me of one of my high school homecoming games. It was an ordinary game, until four Minnesota Vikings showed up, including Daunte Culpepper and Randy Moss. Word spread that Moss was working with one of the opposing team’s receivers. His name was Larry Fitzgerald. Here’s hoping this Moss mentorship turns out anywhere near as good!

Let’s keep it real, though, and remember that Moss was the 21st overall pick and Fitzgerald the third overall, in their respective draft years. MVS was No. 174. I’m going to enjoy every bit of his progress and hope I cover a great career, but some perspective is in order.

With Cole Madison being out of pads for 18 months and dealing with some difficult personal issues, it seems like it would be very hard to maintain his weight, strength and conditioning. Can you speak to when he started working his way back into shape and how long that takes at this level? Is he where he wants to be yet?

Wes has a feature story on Madison posting later this morning. I encourage you to check it out.

Eric from Calgary, Alberta

Hey Mike/Wes, first time asking a question, and it’s a doozy – do you guys sit up in the press box on Family Night or are you down on the field like at practice?

We’re up in the press box, but we’ll be down on the field a couple of hours beforehand going live on the Packers’ Facebook and Twitter accounts, for those who care to join us.

What will be the biggest change this offseason to the special-teams unit? Have you seen any improvements so far? We haven’t heard much about ST this offseason and it has cost us many games in the past and we have been in the bottom of the league for years.

The preseason games will give us the first semi-meaningful glimpse.

Do rookie players learn more from the veteran players or from the coaching personnel?

Ideally, they learn scheme and technique from their coaches and how to execute those like a pro from the veteran players. That’s the most productive combination.

Larry from Jensen Beach, FL

During training camp, with so much on the line for individual players, how do the players strike a balance between being aggressive (trying to stand out, make the team) and not being too rough, possibly causing injury to fellow teammates? It seems that so much of what is valued during the season would be hard to distinguish in practices now.

Put alignment, assignment and technique on film, and if the ball comes your way, make a play on it. Stay aggressive, but leave the finish to the aggression to the preseason games against an opponent. No one makes the team with just his practice film.

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