Thu. Oct 1st, 2020

The Packers have some sorting out to do

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The Packers have some sorting out to do

When comparing Kizer and Boyle’s play during the game, does it seem like Kizer is a little apprehensive after the ball is snapped compared to Boyle? It seems to me he hesitates just a bit longer before committing to his throw, like it takes him longer to make a read and all the mental calculations that go with it. Is it just me or have others seen this too?

I’m no quarterback expert, but if it was on the film, I guarantee it’s been reviewed. LaFleur said before the game his top priority was to see the QBs play decisively. “Indecisiveness equals ineffectiveness.” We’ll see where it goes from here. I thought Kizer’s outing was a solid if unspectacular start to the preseason. Now he has to build on it.

Scott from Greensburg, IN

What’s the “early word” on the quality of the field in Winnipeg? If tradition holds, the most extensive time our key players will see in games the entire preseason will be on that field. Canton’s field a few years back, and the one in Mexico causing a change in venue late last season, immediately come to mind. The hope, obviously, is there are no reasons for concern.

Obviously. I honestly don’t know, but I have to believe if there are legitimate risks, the Packers will adjust plans accordingly.

Cheryl from Glens Falls, NY

Hi Mike and Wes, if the special teams look as improved to my untrained eye as they did at the first preseason game, I will be super hopeful that not only will they NOT finish towards the bottom of the stat lists this year, but that special-teams play will significantly impact games in our favor. EQ having a special-teams TD? That was a thing of beauty!

An occasional impact play or fortuitous bounce is great, no complaints. But mainly I want to see clean, sound play that wins field position. The fewer times Rodgers has to start drives inside his own 20, and the more times the Packers’ revamped defense gets that advantage, the more the impact will add up, big plays or not.

Tony from River Falls, WI

What do you guys look for when watching a preseason game?

If I’m not too busy with the ongoing website updates, I try to focus for several plays in a row on a young player fighting for a roster spot and see if to my untrained eye he looks like he belongs. But I won’t consider my two-bit analysis the be-all, end-all when I admit I don’t know much about the specific opponent or matchup the player is facing.

Will more of the starters play in the second game?

I anticipate that’s the plan.

Dan from Indianapolis, IN

I seem to recall that James Jones had a number of dropped passes in his first year, but he eventually got past it, and look what happened…wow! I hope the Packers give J’Mon Moore a good chance to overcome these jitters. He’s got size, speed, and talent, though I also realize they might not have the luxury this year of roster space.

The recollections on Jones have gotten a bit skewed. He actually battled the drops for a stretch in 2010, after he was an established pro, and the Packers stuck with him much like they have other proven players who have gone through slumps. That said, aside from the physical attributes, Moore has the self-awareness that gives him a chance, but the Packers also have other options at the position that have outperformed him to this point. Wes has a story on Moore going up later this morning, by the way. It’s going to be an interesting three weeks.

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