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The damage done between the tackles was stunning

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The damage done between the tackles was stunning

Benjamin from Evergreen Park, IL

With the rule changes to protect the quarterback, is a running quarterback an advantage to the offense in the NFL? Kyler Murray, Russell Wilson and Lamar Jackson don’t take the hits that Michael Vick took. Does a fine outweigh the benefit of a good clean shot?

Running QBs who play it smart and don’t get reckless definitely have an advantage. Defenders are always leery, which is what the league wants. First it might be a fine, but repeat offenders get suspensions and lose full game checks.

Good Morning! Zero sacks, zero hits, only eight hurries on a soon-to-be 37-year-old QB. Outstanding protection! How much of that feat from the O-line had to do with how balanced and successful the run attack was? Bears’ D-line never looked settled in.

The Bears’ front missed Akiem Hicks, badly. He’s clearly the linchpin to that defense, and the hardest game to adjust without one of your top guys is always the first one. That said, the Packers’ offensive line was dominant. Right from the first series, the line of scrimmage was being moved significantly on every run. The damage done between the tackles was stunning to see against a Chicago defense.

100 wins all-time against the Bears. I feel like the team should put up a banner or plaque to commemorate the achievement.

Why? The plan is for that total to last only five weeks.

Fellas! What is the most wins any one team has vs. another all-time in the NFL?

The New York Giants have 105 wins over Washington, and Green Bay has 103 over Detroit. I think those are the most.

I’m confused. Over the weekend, several articles reported that the Texans had “released” or “cut” Kenny Stills. Yet, most of those articles went on to talk about Stills being subject to waivers. I’ve always thought that if you were released or cut, you automatically became a free agent, not subject to waivers. Clarification, please and thank you.

A vested veteran, like Stills, is still subject to waivers if he’s released after the trading deadline.

Chuck from Gold Canyon, AZ

Hello, Mike. With the NFL shutting down all team facilities for two days and the rescheduling of at least two games this week, it seems almost inevitable that either an 18th week or 16-team playoff will occur. My preference would be the 18th week as I would not consider it fair to change away from the bye for the best record late in the season. What would your preference be?

Definitely the 18th week would be preferable. It may become a reality soon enough if the Ravens’ outbreak has not died down and they can’t play on Tuesday.

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