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The adventure is out there

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The adventure is out there

Michael from Berrien Springs, MI

Spoff wrote: “I don’t think the second inside linebacker spot is set in stone…Lancaster and Adams are still battling for the third D-lineman…not sure the Taylor-Jenkins competition has a declared winner, either.” Does this mean you feel the WR position has settled in, and if so, who do you see as No. 2 and 3?

I don’t really buy into labels anymore with receivers, but I think Marquez Valdes-Scantling and Geronimo Allison have pretty much set themselves apart from the pack. In two-minute drills, it’s Adams, MVS, Allison and Jimmy Graham for the most part on the field. There’s an established level of comfort in the offense with those guys right now.

How much competition is there at No. 4 wide receiver? Is there an option of Allen Lazard or Darrius Shepherd getting that role over someone like EQ or Jake Kumerow?

Now that’s the million-dollar question.

The first quarter of our schedule looks pretty tough. Three playoff contenders and a Broncos team with Aaron Rodgers’ old nemesis Vic Fangio calling the shots. What would a successful first four games look like? I think I would honestly take 2-2, especially if both those wins were the division games.

You know how I said I’m not really into receiver labels anymore? I’m not really into September records, either. Two of the best teams I covered – the 2012 and 2014 Packers – started the year 1-2. The past two years? 3-1 and 2-1-1. Again, it’s not about the start – it’s how you respond to the start. If the team is healthy and trending in the right direction entering the second quarter of the season, the record takes care of itself.

Good morning and thank you for your III (Insider Inbox Insights). Regarding September games, agreed they aren’t a huge indicator of how the team will play in December. But with a third of our division games and a tough out-of-division foe on a short week in September, they are as important to our success as late-season games. Pars made on the first few holes are just as good as those on 17 and 18.

That’s true, but pars made on the last few holes are more important for your confidence in you have to play three or four more playoff holes – which is why nothing is more important than late-season games. Teams build in the first quarter of the season with the goal of peaking in December.

Darrell from San Antonio, TX

I read a Demovsky article about Rashan Gary and his performance in the first two preseason games and was taken back by the response of Coach Pettine. To quote, “We knew he was a work in progress.” I was under the impression that a top 15 pick in the draft should be a plug-and-play guy, not a work in progress. Am I wrong in thinking we may have missed out selecting this guy? I understand picks that come later in the draft are “works in progress,” but a top 15 pick? What am I missing?

The part of the quote you omitted is Pettine mentioning, “We’re pleased with where (Gary) is.” Gary is only 21 and learning a new position as an outside linebacker/elephant rusher. He’s not expected to be a Day 1 starter – that’s why Za’Darius and Preston Smith are here – but the Packers are using Gary in their dime package already alongside the two veterans. That tells you what the coaches think of Gary’s upside.

Michael from Las Vegas, NV

After reading Chris from Manitoba’s question and II’s answer: Who was setting those ticket prices for our preseason game in Winnipeg?

The NFL and Canadian-based promoter On Ice Entertainment Ltd., set ticket prices, according to the Canadian media outlets I read.

I thought we would have to say goodbye to “Three Things” with the end of public practices. I’m so glad we’ll continue to get the inside scoop! All four of you have great chemistry together, and Larry’s a hoot. AR12’s infamous no-look TD to G-Mo from last year may well go down in Packers lore as the greatest play never seen (except by those lucky enough to witness it in person). What is the one play that has stuck with you from training camp this year?

There is probably some recency bias here but that deep throw from Tim Boyle to Trevor Davis in practice Monday is up there. Davis used late hands to not tip off the two defensive backs covering him to catch that ball.

What is more likely: Jake Kumerow catches more than 60 passes, Jimmy Graham surpasses 900 receiving yards or Kevin King plays in 13 or more games?

I’ll go with Graham because I don’t have a clue right now how long King is going to be out with this hamstring injury. Assuming he dodged a bullet with the finger, Graham will have opportunities to make that kind of impact with Rodgers throwing him the ball.

Oscar from Cottage Grove, WI

Has a team ever held closed-door training camp practice for the entire training camp or do league rules require the team to have open public practices?

The Eagles opened one practice to the public during training camp. Count your blessings, Packers fans.

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