Tue. Dec 1st, 2020

Reporters will do anything for a click bait story…

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Reporters will do anything for a click bait story...

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After a GQ interview that featured his comments about Giants quarterback Daniel Jones spread like wildfire on Tuesday, Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield has weighed in on the response to those comments.

Mayfield was quoted as saying that he “cannot believe” the Giants picked Jones sixth overall and that it “blows my mind.” After writer Clay Skipper told Mayfield it seemed that scouts can’t accurately predict who will be a good quarterback, Mayfield is “forget you’ve gotta win” and then goes on to say a player has “a history of winning and being that guy for your team or you don’t.”

In response to an Instagram post compiling those quotes without Skipper’s interjection that Mayfield posted to his Instagram story, Mayfield took issue with the way those comments have been presented.

“This is not what I said . . . just so we’re clear,” Mayfield wrote. “I also said I was surprised I got drafted number one. Then was talking about the flaws in evaluating QBs. Where I brought up winning being important. Reporters and media will do anything to come up with a click bait story. Heard nothing but good things and wish nothing but the best for Daniel.”

Jones has already shrugged off the comments about him and said he enjoys watching Mayfield play, so we’ll see if the reactions to the reactions cause everyone to move on to something else before Tuesday is out.

Baker Mayfield: Reporters will do anything for a click bait story

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