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Rams break losing streak, extend Atlanta’s –…

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Rams break losing streak, extend Atlanta’s –...

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The Rams needed some kind of spark, even if it was a team struggling more than they’ve been lately.

The Falcons were courteous enough to oblige.

The Rams snapped a three-game losing streak with a 37-10 win on the road, extending the Falcons’ losing streak to five games.

While it might not be a sign the Rams (4-3) are back to last year’s form, it was a solid start.

They sacked quarterback Matt Ryan five times (the Falcons only have five all season), and knocked Ryan out of the game in the fourth quarter with an ankle injury. That left Matt Schaub to finish up for the Falcons, and he was the only quarterback to get them into the end zone.

The Rams also created two turnovers, dominating the Falcons with a defense that was more about the incessant pass-rush than new cover man Jalen Ramsey. Ramsey didn’t start, but he did spend a lot of time getting to know Falcons wideout Julio Jones.

The Falcons had many problems on the day, including composure. Running back Devonta Freeman was ejected for throwing a punch at Aaron Donald out of frustration, which is a poor idea in any circumstance. He might have been angry because when he squared up with Donald, his opponent lifted him up in the air, leaving his feet churning like Wile E. Coyote after he ran over the side of the cliff.

Which, honestly, is as good a metaphor as any. The Falcons will now face questions about the future of head coach Dan Quinn as he prepares to face his former team (the Seahawks) next week, with the status of his quarterback in doubt.

Rams break losing streak, extend Atlanta’s

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