Mon. Nov 30th, 2020

Patrick Ricard Finding Niche as a Valuable Two-Way…

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Patrick Ricard Finding Niche as a Valuable Two-Way...

Ricard carried the ball twice Thursday night and gained four yards. He picked up a first down both times, including once on fourth down. He has caught four passes during his NFL career, but he has never carried the ball during a regular season game. That could change this season, and Ricard loves getting a chance to touch the football.

“That’s the first time I’ve gotten the ball like that since high school,” Ricard said. “It was just a handoff to me. I’ve been doing it in practice this camp and OTAs and stuff, so I’ve been getting reps at it. Just haven’t done it in an actual game. Did it the first time and got the first down and then did it again and got a first down, so I was happy with it. It was great to get those reps.”

If Ricard keeps making plays, he’ll be hard to keep off the field. It’s not as if the Ravens can’t find a position for him. They’ve found one on both offense and defense.

“He’s in the backfield quite a bit on defense, and he’s in the backfield quite a bit on offense,” Harbaugh said. “That’s a good balance. He has played well, and he’s really establishing himself as a really valuable part of our team.”

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