Sun. Dec 6th, 2020

One plays off the other

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One plays off the other

Good morning Wes/Mike. The Colts have a vision defense. Does that mean the pre-snap motion and misdirection plays may work well against them? Also, does another premier inside linebacker mitigate all that?

The two possible problems in this matchup are Tyler Ervin’s rib injury and the presence of another fast and savvy middle linebacker who can close quickly to the ball. That’s not to say the Packers can’t do it – I’m just not sure it’ll be to their advantage like it’s been for most of the season.

It seems to me the Packers have had success against Xavier Rhodes when he was with the Vikings. Do you think part of the game plan will be to attack him?

There’s been give and take over the years between Rhodes and the Packers. It wasn’t like Aaron Rodgers picked on him twice a year or anything. Rhodes has been healthy and playing well for the Colts this year. He has a couple picks and appears to still have a lot of good football ahead of him. Sometimes a change in scenery is all that’s needed to bring it out of a player. I expect another competitive battle between Rhodes and Davante Adams.

The NFC is truly up for grabs, isn’t it?

You betcha and the Packers are leading by a nose heading into the weekend. They gotta keep it out there Sunday.

Margeaux from Tallahassee, FL

There is no such thing as “clear sailing” in the NFL but the Seahawks’ win Thursday night puts them in a good position considering the rest of their schedule, wouldn’t you say?

That’d be fair to say, having survived that November gauntlet with a 2-2 record. Philadelphia and Washington are no pushovers, though. And closing against the Rams and 49ers won’t be a walk in the park, either, but Seattle got that win back against Arizona. That’s a feather in its cap.

Is AJ Dillon cleared to play again?

Not yet. Krys Barnes has been back at practice as an observer but both remain on reserve/COVID-19.

Aaron from Scottsdale, AZ

I know it’s early to really be seriously discussing playoff positioning, but I can’t help but notice that with six or seven games left per team, the NFC has nobody more than three games out of a playoff spot, thanks in large part to the futility of the NFC East, but also due to so many teams notching six or seven wins and no one clearly separating themselves. 2020 has been anything but normal.

I agree. And it only gets even more complicated in the AFC, where Cleveland and Tennessee are on the outside looking in with 6-3 records.

With the Inbox’s permission, I would like to educate Sam from San Francisco on the basics of football. No receiver should ever get credit for yards gained during a defensive pass interference penalty. There is no guarantee that he would have caught the ball. Assuming that a receiver “would have” caught the ball is foolish. Real life football is neither a video game nor a fantasy football TV show, Sam.

I appreciate Sam’s sentiment but it has to happen on the grass for it to be measured in any meaningful way. It’s kind of like pass rushers drawing holding penalties. It certainly has a bearing on the game but it’s tough to track it objectively. Not everyone has to get a trophy. Sometimes a tap on the helmet or the backside for a job well done will do.

Ryan from Noblesville, IN

Taysom Hill will be starting this week instead of Jameis Winston. I think that’s a smart move on their part since he’s been in the system for several years and is a talented player. If it were you, who would you start?

I’d start Taysom, too. I’ve always liked the idea of introducing a little chaos when a team is down a starting QB. Hill is most definitely that. Plus, this gives the Saints a clean look at whether he can be “the man.”

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