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“No timetable” on Micah Kiser injury –…

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“No timetable” on Micah Kiser injury –...

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Linebacker Micah Kiser was expected to be a starter for the Rams this year. A pectoral injury from Saturday’s preseason game against the Cowboys will delay that, indefinitely.

“There’s no timetable on that,” coach Sean McVay told reporters on Tuesday regarding Kiser’s absence. “It was a pretty significant injury, though. So he’s going to be out for a while.”

Will he be back later this year?

“It’s hard to say right now,” McVay said. “I think a lot of that is predicated on exactly how he’s recovering from all that. But it is a significant injury and as far as that timetable, it’s going to be a while. To say a specific timeline, I can’t say that right now.”

McVay explained that he won’t let the injury impact his approach to preseason reps for starters.

“We’ve really thought long and hard about what we think is the best approach for our team and I think you have got to always try and avoid some of these things that do occur,” McVay said. “But this is a game that entails a lot of physical things that can occur whether it be at a practice, during some of the games. Part of it is we do utilize these as evaluation tools, especially for guys that have a chance to be situational starters and that’s where Micah was putting himself in a position to be. You hate it for him, because he’s worked so hard and he’s done such a great job. But I don’t think you can let it change the approach when we’ve tried to be so intentional about that already. I’m not going to let one situation affect the way we go about it as we move forward.”

The Rams have protected plenty of their starters, part of a growing trend in the NFL. And while injuries can happen at practice, the chances of a significant injury definitely seem to be greater in preseason games than preseason practices.

Sean McVay: “No timetable” on Micah Kiser injury

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