February 26, 2021

NFL teams reportedly believe it will take at least…

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NFL teams reportedly believe it will take at least...

As we approach the end of February it is difficult to predict exactly how things are going to end up for the Dallas Cowboys at the quarterback position. The most obvious answer seems to be that the Cowboys would retain Dak Prescott which would involve coming to terms with him on a long-term contract. Considering that 2021 is the third offseason in a row in which the team and quarterback are attempting to find a middle ground, it is hardly a slam-dunk guarantee.

Tuesday marks the opening of the window for NFL teams to place the franchise tag on players, a route that the Cowboys could ultimately take with Prescott. The two sides have reportedly been in negotiations and while that is certainly nice to see it is hardly a guarantee that this saga has an actual end in sight.

Should the Cowboys ultimately move on from Prescott then they will be tasked with finding a quarterback that can lead them into the future. Maybe one option in that case is Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, who has issues with his team at the moment and has been linked to the Cowboys should he be dealt, and it appears as if a price for Wilson’s services is starting to become a bit more clear.

NFL teams reportedly believe it will take at least three first-round picks to acquire Russell Wilson

While there are opposing sides to the idea of whether or not the Dallas Cowboys should pay Dak Prescott, there is seemingly zero doubt that Prescott, talented as he is, is not Russell Wilson. This is why a Dak-for-Russ path (which would hardly be easy) is an apparent victory for the organization on paper.

In hypothesizing about how a trade could go down between Dallas and Seattle involving Wilson, the average Twitter user has suggested sending Prescott to the Emerald City. Considering that Dak would have to be given the franchise tag and sign it for that to happen it is a rather unlikely proposition. Any world where Wilson is on the Cowboys in the immediate future likely involves the Cowboys simply letting Dak Prescott walk.

Wilson would still have to be acquired though, and that would be costly. NFL Network’s Mike Silver spoke on Monday and said that a third of teams in the league have contacted the Seahawks about Mr. Unlimited and that it is believed that at least three first-round picks will have to be involved in order to pry him away.

The Cowboys hold the 10th overall pick in 2021 so they would have to send that and two more first-rounders to acquire Russell Wilson if this price is deemed to be accurate. The idea of surrendering three first-round picks to “improve” at quarterback seems to be an overall step backwards for the organization.

Russell Wilson is under his current contract for the next three years so that would line up with the timing of first-round picks given up. There is no denying his talent, but for a quarterback who will turn 33 this season that will have to play behind an offensive line that’s greatness is on the decline hardly seems like the best idea.

Still, though, this is theoretically an option for the Cowboys. That being said, would you do it? Hypothetically of course.


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