Mon. Nov 30th, 2020

Nagy finds new way to put pressure on players

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Nagy finds new way to put pressure on players

“It creates a little bit of pressure,” Nagy said. “Everyone’s watching you. So even for Mitch to make the throw, the first throw that he made, what better way than in front of our fans to see how you’re going to produce one-on-one.

“We’re talking about craving pressure with this team. Let’s crave it so that when it happens in the game it’s natural. And we want to practice it as much as we can. So we’ll continue to do that throughout practice.

Later in practice, Nagy staged another one-on-one battle with receiver Taylor Gabriel going mano-a-mano with cornerback Prince Amukamara. When Trubisky failed to connect with Gabriel, every offensive player had to do five up-downs.

“It’s just a pressure-filled situation,” Amukamara said. “So when a game is on the line and we’re on the 3-yard line and the offense is going in and I’m on [Falcons receiver] Julio [Jones] and I know, ‘OK, they’re throwing a go ball here. It’s zero coverage. They’re coming at me,’ I’ve already kind of been in that situation. I’ve felt my heartbeat. I’ve felt my blood pump and I just have to win for my team.”

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