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Matthew Judon Is Always Himself And Often Like…

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Matthew Judon Is Always Himself And Often Like...

Judon developed his tough-guy personality when he was growing up about 30 minutes outside of Detroit.

He was the sixth of 10 kids (seven boys, three girls) in a single-parent household. Some of his siblings lived with other family members, but it was still a very tight squeeze in a three-bedroom house.

They didn’t have a lot growing up and Judon wasn’t a fan of doing laundry, so he would constantly steal his older brother Michael’s clothes – namely his Nike socks. Being seven years older, Michael would beat his little brother up every time.

“Any chance he got when we were younger, he would steal stuff,” Michael said. “If I wasn’t around and he needed something, he would take it.”

It didn’t matter how many times he got beat up, Matthew would just keep doing it.

“Hey, you’ve got to take the punishment,” Matthew said. “He would beat me up and I would still steal his clothes. That’s just what it was.”

Since he started playing football, Judon has been the one dishing out the punishment. As a senior at Grand Valley State, he led the nation – at any level – with an eye-popping 21 sacks. The Ravens drafted him in the fifth round in 2016, three rounds after taking another outside linebacker, Kamalei Correa.

As Judon said, he came into the NFL not knowing exactly how to act. But the more he watched Suggs, the more he understood that big personalities are welcomed in Baltimore – as long as you’re making plays too.

Judon grabbed four sacks his rookie season, including one against the rival Steelers. It was a good start.

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