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Jalen Ramsey putting his money where his pads are…

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Jalen Ramsey putting his money where his pads are...

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In case you missed it, the day he pulled into training camp in an armored car with a hype man yelling “Time to get that money” through a bullhorn, Jalen Ramsey would prefer to have a higher salary.

And the Jaguars cornerback is making one of his more subtle statements about that goal every day on the field.

According to Peter King of NBC’s Football Morning in America, Ramsey has taped a $20 bill to the back plate that hangs beneath his shoulder pads, inscribed with the word “Twentyland.”

It’s just swag,” Ramsey said. “Every time I go out there I’m trying to make some money. I’m number 20, so I chose a $20 bill.”

He has also maintained his confidence that someone will give him many more such bills, even if it’s not the Jaguars.

Asked by King if he was the best cornerback in football, Ramsey replied: “I know I am.”

Asked if he expected to get paid commensurate with that status: “Yeah I will.”

Asked if he planned to play his whole career for the Jaguars, he smiled and said: “Maybe.”

And in case the Jaguars lose sight of his desire for legal tender, all they have to do is watch the practice tape.

Jalen Ramsey putting his money where his pads are

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