Fri. Oct 23rd, 2020

Jaguars’ Jalen Ramsey to miss third straight game

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Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan -- No plan to...

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey will miss his third consecutive game with a back injury after he was declared inactive Sunday morning.

Ramsey hasn’t played since the Jaguars’ Sept. 19 victory over Tennessee. Ramsey has missed the past two games because of the back injury and only returned to practice this week. He saw a back specialist in Houston on Monday.

Ramsey hasn’t done any interviews with Jacksonville media since a postgame interview after the Titans game.

Jaguars owner Shad Khan said Thursday that he recently had a “heart-to-heart” meeting with the disgruntled cornerback and thought he would play against New Orleans. Khan made those comments as part of an interview with the business website The Street, in which he also discussed his desire not to trade Ramsey, as well as sports gambling.

“I think he’s going to be playing this week, so hopefully you’ll tune in to the Saints game,” Khan said in the video interview.

Ramsey said on the most recent Uninterrupted podcast “17 Weeks” — which was released Thursday — that he is still experiencing symptoms.

″I mean, with back tightness, I’m sure a lot of guys have back tightness, but when you start to get back spasms and it starts to lock up on you and even sometimes feels like, I guess, a stinger or a tingling sensation in your back, then that’s when you have to be super careful with it and cautious,″ Ramsey said.

″You know, rehab it and recover it as best as you can. So that’s really the phase that I’m in right now is trying to manage the spasms and it locking up on me, and having that tingly sensation, it can lock up on me at any given time.″

Ramsey first reported the back injury during the Jaguars’ win over Tennessee, which came four days after Ramsey asked the team to trade him after being chastised by Jaguars executive VP of football operations Tom Coughlin following the Jaguars’ 13-12 loss at Houston. Ramsey got into a sideline shouting match with coach Doug Marrone after Marrone refused Ramsey’s request to challenge a completion to DeAndre Hopkins.

After the Titans game, Ramsey did not practice the following Monday (Sept. 23) because of an illness. He also missed that Wednesday’s practice because of his back injury. Marrone said he didn’t know when Ramsey suffered the injury, but three hours later the team released a statement saying Ramsey actually did report back soreness to the team’s medical staff during the fourth quarter of the game against the Titans.

Later that day the team announced that Ramsey would return to his hometown for the impending birth of his second child.

Ramsey rejoined the team three days later and flew on the team charter to Denver. He was inactive for the game against the Broncos, marking the first game he had missed since the Jaguars drafted him fifth overall.

Ramsey did not officially practice at all last week.

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