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I’ve been a lot of places – ProFootballTalk

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I’ve been a lot of places – ProFootballTalk

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The last time Case Keenum was involved in a game in Minnesota, he threw the pass that became the Minnesota Miracle when Vikings wideout Stefon Diggs caught it and ran for a touchdown with no time left in a divisional round game against the Saints.

Keenum will be back in Minnesota on Thursday night to lead the Washington offense against the Vikings. At a Tuesday press conference, Keenum was asked what from his time in Minnesota means a lot to him as he makes his return.

Keenum said there were multiple things before adding that a lot of places mean a lot to him because “I’ve been a lot of places” during his career.

“There’s really no need to get more amped up for any team in this league. . . . The fact that it’s my old team? I’ve played long enough that if I keep going like I’m going I might play my old team every week,” Keenum said. “It’s adding up now, it’s just a normal game for me.”

Keenum has had multiple stints with the Rams and Texans in addition to spending 2018 with the Broncos, so he has certainly made the rounds in the NFL. That year with the Vikings is the clear high point of his time in the league, although it doesn’t appear that’s weighing heavily on his mind heading into Thursday’s game.

Case Keenum on facing Vikings: I’ve been a lot of places

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