Thu. Dec 3rd, 2020

Issue or Non-Issue As Ravens Training Camp Closes

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Issue or Non-Issue As Ravens Training Camp Closes

It’s time for another issue of that classic game show, Issue or Non-Issue, when I consider various Ravens talking points and judge whether they’re important or … not.

The list is long so let’s get to it!

Topic: The possibility that “Hollywood” Brown might not be at his best for the start of the regular season.

Issue or Non-Issue: Non-Issue.

Why: Before you start shouting, I realize the Ravens would be better with their top draft pick at his playmaking best on Sept. 8 against the Dolphins in Miami. But to me, that game, as well as the home opener against the Arizona Cardinals a week later, shape up as contests the Ravens possibly could win relying on a run-heavy offense not unlike their 2018 model. They’re going to be passing more in the long run, which means it’s certainly important (yes, an issue) that Brown fully recovers from his Lisfranc injury and becomes a major contributor by, say, midseason at the latest. But I think they can survive the first weeks as he eases his way into his role. And of course, all that matters is he eventually is 100 percent, which is why they’re being so careful with him.

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