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Inbox: This is their moment

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Inbox: This is their moment

I am sure you’ve been asked this 172 times already but why not again? Do you think Ty Summers can lock down the open LB spot or is he too raw, leading to a free-agent pursuit ensuing? This is all assuming that Curtis Bolton is down for many weeks.

That seemed to be Summers’ best showing to date. He had another 10-tackle performance but also cut down on the missed tackles. I’m not opposed to him filling that spot (assuming Bolton and Burks miss time) because that second inside linebacker post is more a first- and second-down position these days anyway. By all accounts, it’s going to be Raven Greene coming in as the hybrid defensive back in third-down passing situations.

Martin from Evansville, IN

I feel like Marquez Valdes-Scantling is going to really break out this year. I’m feeling 50-plus catches for more than 800 yards and at least five TDs. Just a prediction. Thoughts?

Sure. Throw it on the board and check back in January.

Scott from Thousand Oaks, CA

Assuming last night wasn’t a one-hit wonder, one has to imagine how hard it would be for defenses to cover Adams, MVS and Davis. Does anyone in the NFC North (or in the NFL) have two DBs who can stick with MVS and Davis, especially after Adams pulls their top guy with him? I get that it’s preseason and a time for every fan to dream, but this one sticks with me even after I wake up.

Honestly, that tandem of MVS and Davis is one I’m most looking seeing on the field (should both be on the 53-man roster a week from now). They not only have top-end speed to challenge the back end, but also can function on jet sweeps and underneath concepts. The Packers wanted to get faster in recent years. They’ve certainly done it.

Ronald from Panabo City, Philippines

Insiders, I thought Josh Jackson and Chandon Sullivan had a really good game. Forget receivers, the tougher question might be who do we keep for cornerbacks? Your thoughts?

I concur. Spoff covered Jackson’s performance during Friday’s Inbox, so I’d like to focus a little more on Sullivan. I think some folks forget Sullivan isn’t an undrafted rookie. He played five games with Philadelphia last year, even starting one game. There were a couple plays I’m sure Sullivan wants back, but you don’t break up four passes by accident. It was a very encouraging performance.

Loui from Jacksonville, FL

What does “top 12 waiver priority status” mean? Thanks a bunch from the Packer Nation down south.

The Packers had the 12th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft due to their 6-9-1 record last season, which also applies to the waiver wire until Week 4 of the regular season. Then, it’s based on current win-loss records at that point.

Fadol Brown flashed some talent late last year and I’ve noticed him multiple times this preseason. He seems to be a bubble guy due to the depth on the defensive line. Do you have any gut feeling about who may or may not make the cut there?

This is a huge week for Brown, who looked good before his calf flared up on him. He sat out Thursday, but I imagine he’ll be back in the D-line rotation against Kansas City barring any setbacks.

Justin from Los Angeles, CA

With three major neutral-site field fails in the last few years (Canton, Winnipeg, Mexico City), do you think that would diminish interest in a 17th game being played somewhere other than official NFL stadiums? Is it really that hard to meet the NFL’s standards, or has this just been an improbable string of flops?

That’s a good point, Justin. It makes you think a little bit, especially after the fiasco in Mexico City last year. If you have 17 international games each year during the regular season, there isn’t room for mulligans. Every crease must be ironed out.

Julius from Providence, RI

We (sorry, the Packers since they lost) should wait to play the next game in Canada until after they have laser goalposts that don’t leave behind holes in the field. I still don’t get how the holes were in the way. The CFL field is bigger than the NFL field, so shouldn’t the holes have been past the end zones?

They would have been if the CFL didn’t place its field-goal post near the front of the end zone. That’s what created the issue.

As always, I appreciate your insights on the II. Listening to Aaron Rodgers on the sideline interview with John Kuhn only strengthens the owner’s argument to cut the preseason down to two games. When the QB says he doesn’t need the game experience and says the practice time is all they need to be ready for the season, then why have four games? I understand the need to be able to evaluate the bottom half of the roster, but practices and two games should be enough to do this.

I won’t argue with Rodgers. He’s the two-time NFL MVP. He knows what he needs to be ready for the season. The only problem with reducing preseason from four games to two is the owners won’t throw away two games of revenue. It’s cause and effect – and I just don’t know whether the NFLPA is willing to concede a 17th regular-season game to do it.

At this point how surprised would you be if Jake Kumerow doesn’t make the 53?

You learn to not to be floored by anything in this business, but I would be pretty surprised.

What are your thoughts on the unnecessary roughness call against Brady Sheldon for his hit on running back Mack Brown?

It looked like a football play to me. The emphasis and speed of the game don’t always align, though. It was a hard tackle and Sheldon lowered his head, so it’s a flag.

Who do you feel is the fastest player on the Packers roster and who do you feel is the physically strongest player?

Tony Brown ran a 4.35 time in the 40 at the combine a little more than a year ago, so that puts him in the conversation. MVS probably has a shot at the fastest player, as well. Tyler Lancaster and Corey Linsley would be among the strongest based on bench reps.

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