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Inbox: They made some noise

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Inbox: They made some noise

Do you expect Jake Kumerow to finish the season as a top three WR on this team?

If you took off all jerseys and simply asked me what I thought of Kumerow, I’d say he’s a starting receiver. That’s the way he practices and that’s the way he plays. Kumerow and Davante Adams are two of the best when it comes to “late hands” and catching the ball away from your body. Rodgers loves that. Kumerow also hardly ever makes a mistake. Last year, he was competing for a job. This summer, he’s zeroing in on a legitimate role in this offense.

So on the final drive of the first half, there were about four or five defensive Packer names called for being in on the play, and I have to admit that I didn’t know any of the names. I’m trying to seriously understand why this is. Is it because I haven’t invested enough time in learning the players on the lower half of the roster? Is it that fans aren’t submitting questions about them? Or is the media (II included) spending more time focusing on the names we know and not the names we don’t?

Because we don’t know much about them, either. Even a receiver like Allen Lazard, who was on the roster at the end of last season, is someone I’m still getting familiar with. The focus in practice is on the starters and players pushing for roles once the regular season rolls around. Preseason games, especially in Weeks 1 and 4, are more about young guys trying to earn a job.

Jon from West Des Moines, IA

It was so cool seeing Lazard catch a touchdown. All four years while I was at Iowa State, it was a given that Lazard was going to show up and produce every game. I really hope he sticks with the team. Just wondering what you’ve seen from Lazard so far or what anyone has said about him. Thanks!

He is a big, talented individual. I want to see more of him. The Packers have a nice competition brewing in that room.

Lots of excitement in the receiver competition, good and bad. Equanimeous St. Brown – crickets.

Did you not see that muffed punt? That was all St. Brown’s doing. There’s more to making the roster as a reserve receiver than catching seven passes in a preseason game. In my opinion, St. Brown is one of the team’s better gunners.

With Tony Brown’s play, and Mike’s excitement about him, what are his tangibles? Is he a “not super speedy but intelligent and always around the ball” player or a “fast twitch with speed able to make up distance” player, or both? He’s still young and has more experience so it can’t be the Tramon Williams “experience makes up for his age and loss of half a step” type of player.

Tony Brown is an enigma. He ran a 4.35 at the NFL Scouting Combine and is extremely intelligent. It just never quite came together for him at Alabama. With proper fundamentals, footwork and aggression, I think Brown can be a player in this league. He has it in him.

Chris from Plainfield, IA

With all the talk about Kevin King’s injuries, aren’t injuries the reason the Packers moved on from Casey Hayward? Look how that turned out. Have some patience.

Thank you. You don’t turn your back on talent.

I know I could never be a GM. I think back to the howls for Davante’s head when he struggled early. Jordy didn’t start out as a Pro Bowl receiver. I don’t think there are any Packers fans that would say, with the benefit of hindsight, those are not receivers I want on my team. How does Gute decide with a guy like Moore? You look like a genius if he develops, you “waste Aaron’s last chances” if you burn a roster spot with him. Where is the line?

I asked Gutekunst this exact question at the combine regarding the organization’s patience with Adams and Kyler Fackrell. His answer is it’s not just about the production – it’s watching players in practice and the locker room. It’s getting to know them, taking all that information into account and making a calculated decision. It’s an inexact science, but that’s the job.

Wes, should PI calls in the end zone, which currently place the ball at the 1-yard line, be changed to a 15-yard penalty?

I don’t think so, especially now with teams having the chance to review penalties to make sure the call was correct. If it’s deep inside the red zone, a 15-yard penalty doesn’t make sense. So the only time it would be applicable is on a potential explosive gain. The NFL wants more big plays, not defenders grabbing receivers to prevent them.

While picking the Packers to finish dead last in the division, NFL Network’s Terrell Davis said, “The Packers didn’t do anything to upgrade their roster this offseason.” Certainly we could finish last, but that reasoning has to be the laziest/most ignorant take of the summer, no?

If a pundit wants to pick the Packers last, that’s his or her business. The team was 6-9-1 last year, after all. But I felt like the rationale for Davis’ prediction was misplaced and uninformed. The defense looks completely different.

When do you think Teo Redding will get a shot at running the ball? Someone has to be the comedian out here.

Oh, I saw my Twitter mentions Thursday night. They’re already making their presence known.

Hey Insiders, last year Mike Pettine was pretty adamant about coaching from the box, but Thursday night he was on the sidelines. Is this a sign that he’ll be coaching from the sideline during the regular season? I don’t remember him being on the sideline last year in the preseason.

Pettine won’t be available to the media until next week, but it appears like he’ll be on the sidelines in the preseason. That’s the way it’s listed on the Dope Sheet anyway.

Sports report: “The Texans outgained the Packers, 412-237.” Given that two of Green Bay’s touchdown “drives” were of zero and eight yards, isn’t that stat kind of deceptive?

Pettine wants more takeaways in 2019 and games like this prove why. Yes, the Packers were outgained in yards, but they won the battle for turnovers 4-1.

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