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Inbox: They followed his lead

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Inbox: They followed his lead

The best Packer WRs have all had a common trait: they attack the ball. With Davante out, our young WRs have seemed soft until Lazard stepped up. The thing I enjoyed most was his aggressiveness, attacking the ball and challenging the DB physically. He was not to be denied. Well done, young man.

And when you go 6-5, 227, there’s a lot not to deny. I made this comment on “Unscripted” and I want to mention it again in this space – everyone wants to compare the physical traits of receivers, which is fine. But mentally, Lazard reminds me a lot of a young Davante Adams – humble, but ultra-confident in his abilities.

Kevin from Grand Rapids, MI

With Allen Lazard only 10 pounds lighter than Robert Tonyan, have the Packers ever, or would they ever consider running him as a TE to get him more snaps?

A few teams checked in with Lazard about whether he’d be open to moving to tight end leading up to the 2018 NFL Draft. He was open to doing whatever it took to make a team, but he’s solely a receiver in Green Bay. He made a series of changes with his body over the summer to ensure that.

So does Mason Crosby now get the credit for the “Lambeau Lift,” or has someone else already taken his approach?

Works for me. As an aside, Bryan Bulaga’s reaction was great when we informed him Crosby received an assist on his first-ever leap.

Am I the only one who noticed that Scott went in for a very clean (and unassisted!) Lambeau Leap right next to Crosby? Vive the punter!

He’s 6-foot-6 and the son of one of the greatest pole vaulters in Wisconsin state history. Scott better be able to clear a 6-foot wall.

I’ve heard a lot of grumbling during the game and after about how the Pack ended the first and second half. They were playing to win not score “fantasy” points. Go Pack Go!

I loved Jamaal Williams’ reply in the postgame locker room to this question: “Look, I’m waiting on somebody to say, ‘Hey you should’ve scored to get me my points.’ I’m going to be like, ‘Well, I want the dub more than your points.’ So sorry.”

The Lions wanted to let Williams score and let him run right past some defenders. Would they have been allowed to grab Williams before he went down and then pull him into the end zone thereby allowing a TD?

I don’t know about pulling but they could’ve pushed him. That was one of the big things the coaches and Rodgers were reminding Williams about. I was kind of surprised Jarrad Davis didn’t try to push him after abandoning his middle gap. Regardless, Williams was smart and made the right call.

I just wanted to give a shout-out to Dean Lowry, who I thought played lights out in the run game. I know he was getting a lot of one-on-ones due to the Smiths and Kenny, but he handled his business and consistently beat his man. Great team D.

Seriously, how good was Dean Lowry Monday night? That was his best game of the year, in my opinion. He was like a man possessed in the trenches. The Packers’ run defense knew it needed a stout performance against Detroit to not only win but also put the Philadelphia game behind it. Lowry, Kenny Clark and the rest brought it from start to finish.

Has Kevin King been a slow starter throughout his career? As goes King, so goes our D early in games. The good news is King and our D seem to get better as the game goes along.

It’s hard to say everything that went into those first plays of the opening two series without talking to Mike Pettine, but I’ve never thought of King to be a slow starter. He finished the way needed to, though. As I’ve been saying, the defense is better when King’s on the field.

Wow, what a great win, and a division one at that. One play that really stood out to me was the interception Rodgers threw. The reason it stood out to me was the way Elgton Jenkins hustled his tail off to run down the DB from Detroit. He didn’t make the tackle, but he certainly cut him off and allowed the rest of the team to get back to minimize the gain. If Jenkins isn’t on the all-rookie team, that would be a crime.

There were several individuals who made hustle plays against the Lions to pull that victory, including Jenkins. Another one that sticks out to me is Jaire Alexander chasing down Kenny Golladay on the first play of the game. Stopping them from scoring a touchdown there and eventually settling for a field goal was critical.

Blaine from Fennimore, WI

Unsung hero of the game is the entire defense. It may have given up two big plays early in the game but holding the Lions to five field goals was crucial to staying in the game.

Three keys to the defense’s overall performance – stopping the run to create third-and-favorable situations, getting after Matthew Stafford on third downs and not crumbling in the face of adversity.

The Smiths came in and changed the culture and expectations for this defense. From the outside, it looks like they did it correctly and included the entire defense with all their camaraderie. Could you see it being a negative if a team brought in two big free agents that became friends but kept mostly to themselves, even if they were just as dominant? Is football a big enough team sport that other players will naturally gravitate to the great players even if they came from another team?

Every team and situation is different. Jared Cook and Jahri Evans weren’t the loudest guys but they fit in well with the locker room. I just feel like Za’Darius and Preston are the right guys at the right time for the right defense. They’ve been successful thus far and want to take everyone along for the ride. It doesn’t matter if you play offense, defense or special teams.

Keith from Bakersfield, CA

Looks like Oren Burks only played five snaps Monday night. Are they easing him back in, or did he suffer a setback?

There was no setback for Burks. The Packers played a lot of traditional base against Detroit and B.J. Goodson is still the guy next to Blake Martinez in that package.

How tough is the Packers’ schedule? Not only do they play in one of the tougher divisions, but they also get teams coming off of byes two weeks in a row.

It’s funny how it works out, but all that matters right now is the Raiders.

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