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Inbox: It’s gonna happen, eventually

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Inbox: It’s gonna happen, eventually

Another Ryan Grant! Imagine the confusion when another Weston Hodkiewicz comes to the Packers to write.

Can you imagine such a thing? Good morning!

Ben from Menomonee Falls, WI

In response to Spoff’s answer in II Thursday morning regarding Ryan Grant and the mention of him as a running back or being No. 88….ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?

Nobody in the building was happier than I was to see Grant wearing No. 11 at practice today. It’s not even close.

Drew from Rogers City, MI

What does Ryan Grant have to do to gain the trust of AR and coach and become an immediate contributor to an offense in need of WR depth?

Be himself. This isn’t some undrafted rookie we’re talking about. He’s a savvy veteran with 80 NFL games under his belt. Grant is an intelligent player. That’s a good place to start. Now, he needs to pick up the playbook and get to work. Because the Packers may need him this Sunday.

Don’t worry about losing. If it is right, it happens – the main thing is not to hurry. Nothing good gets away.

To quote Allen Lazard, “Hakuna matata.”

Scott from Lincoln City, OR

Wes, it’s my birthday so do me a solid and answer this question. My son was wondering what the meaning behind Za’Darius Smith’s sack celebration was. I suggested it was he was putting the QB to sleep. Do you have any deeper insight into it?

Z was catching some ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZs.

Wes, I was watching Allen Lazard’s media scrum and noticed you giggling behind him with someone. Were you the kid in school that whispered the entire class thinking that it didn’t distract others around you? Maybe kicking the legs of the seat in front of you? I’ve watched an interview with Tae earlier this year, and he snapped at the media a little bit for conducting a sidebar while he was speaking. Was it you?

Man, you guys catch everything, don’t you? I was just remarking to Jason Wilde how funny this was after him and I spent training camp typically interviewing Lazard by ourselves in the auxiliary locker room. How fast things change in this league. To the last part of your question, Adams jokingly snipped at communications coordinator Nate LoCascio for loudly repeating Aaron Rodgers was headed to the podium in the media auditorium…twice.

Justin from Los Angeles, CA

I’m a little surprised that with all these fast, aggressive playmakers on D they haven’t scored a TD yet. Who’s your guess for the first defender to put up six? Mine is Preston Smith. All those sacks, a ball’s gotta pop free sometime, and he always seems to be in the mix.

Preston is a good bet, especially with his cover skills. I’m going to go with Jaire Alexander, though. He has too much speed and athleticism not to pop one here soon. It’s gonna happen, eventually.

Will the short week be a disadvantage for the Packers?

It’s definitely a challenge. The Raiders are still kind of banged up coming off the bye, but they’ve had two weeks to prepare for this game Sunday. The Packers, who have an extensive injury report this week, had just six days outside of their offseason prep.

Derrick from Rockaway, NJ

He might just be a role player, but B.J. Goodson looks like he’s getting comfortable and appears easily overlooked for why the run defense has improved the last few weeks. Who are some other unsung heroes the past few weeks?

Agreed on Goodson. He looks to be settling into his role in this defense. I thought last week was the best the defensive line and inside linebackers have played together against the run. They’re in for another stiff test Sunday with Josh Jacobs. My other unsung hero we haven’t discussed is Adrian Amos. He’s playing out of position to make the dime defense better. That’s the very definition of selflessness.

What are your thoughts on the importance of good team management and culture? It seems both are often overlooked in the chase of winning, but they are also critical to that same winning. Just look at some of the league’s perennial strugglers.

Those two elements are critical. Talent will only take you so far. If a team doesn’t have that “It” factor tying everything all together, it’ll never win it all. As we’ve talked about time and time again, the margin for error is too small in a league to succeed with a team that doesn’t like each other. The good news is Green Bay has both the talent and locker-room chemistry to compete…and that makes them legitimate contenders.

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