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I’m not worried about what microphones pick up –…

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I’m not worried about what microphones pick up –...

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Jets quarterback Sam Darnold‘s bad night against the Patriots on Monday included interceptions, hurried throws against zero blitzes, a toe injury and “seeing ghosts” on the other side of the ball.

The comment about seeing ghosts was caught by an NFL Films microphone and Jets head coach Adam Gase took issue with the decision to air the comment on the ESPN broadcast of the game. Gase went on to say that the team would rethink letting players wear microphones in the future, but Darnold said he wouldn’t shy away from it.

“No. I’m going to continue to be myself because if I start worrying about that kind of stuff I’m worried about the wrong things,” Darnold said at a press conference.

Darnold was asked about bouncing back from such a bad performance and how he could move past it in time to prepare for the Jaguars. Darnold said “in my head I was done with it” once he started watching film of Jacksonville and that he was very eager to get back on the field to practice this week.

That practice has been limited by having his toenail removed after the game, but Darnold said he’s feeling good and gave no indication that the toe would interfere with playing this weekend.

Sam Darnold: I’m not worried about what microphones pick up

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