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How long is recovery time for dislocated knee?

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How long is recovery time for dislocated knee?

The Kansas City Chiefs lost star quarterback Patrick Mahomes to a dislocated kneecap on Thursday night. How long should we expect him out?

Let’s get this out o the way: there is no sure answer here. The Chiefs have already ruled Mahomes out for the rest of the game, but there are some points of interest to look at. First, the training staff appears to have relocated the kneecap. Mahomes also waved off the cart and walked to the locker room under his own power. Doesn’t mean he escaped serious injury, just noting facts.

Within minutes of him entering the X-Ray room in Denver, Mahomes was ruled out. From here, he will almost certainly undergo an MRI on Monday to determine the damage.

So what is the range here? If Mahomes only dislocated the kneecap and didn’t break it, or do any damage to the ligaments surrounding the knee, it could be three weeks or so, with Mahomes coming back wearing a brace. If he tore ligaments, it would require surgery and he would be out for the remainder of the season.

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Patrick Mahomes: How long is recovery time for dislocated knee?

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