Tue. Oct 27th, 2020

Here’s How Lamar Jackson Has Taken the Year 2 Leap

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Here’s How Lamar Jackson Has Taken the Year 2 Leap

Much has been made about Jackson putting his health at risk by running more than any other NFL quarterback. But Jackson has avoided taking many big hits. There will always be a risk of injury, but he’s not being reckless. He’s being effective.

“I’m pleased that he’s been able to avoid the big hits, of course,” Urban said. “Listen, he has a unique ability. Within that, we talk about getting all you can get, and then get down or get out. And you see him routinely trying to get outside, and we’re trying to do those sorts of things to avoid some of those hits. But for the most part, I would say that it’s him sticking to our gameplan and how we talk about things.”

How the entire team was inspired by Jackson’s desire to go for it on fourth down in Seattle played out like a movie scene.

The moment reflected Head Coach John Harbaugh’s confidence in Jackson, and the quarterback’s confidence in himself and his ability to seize a big moment.

Great players do impressive things, but in a team sport the ability to inspire others with your actions is important. Jackson clearly has that ability. Even accomplished, laser-focused veterans like guard Marshal Yanda and safety Earl Thomas show their exuberance when Jackson makes a big play. When Jackson is driving the bus, everyone is on board.


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