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He has to stay on this path

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He has to stay on this path

Hi Wes and Mike, thanks for the great coverage. We expats (expatriates not ex-patriots) appreciate the coverage since we can’t be there in person. Who supplies the refs for Family Night? Does the NFL supply them or are they Packer employees, or are they contractors who usually work local college/high school games?

LaFleur said the Family Night officials were a college crew. The Packers have their own practice refs (mostly current or former high school officials) for the garden-variety camp and regular-season workouts. This coming week, a group of NFL officials will be here for the annual visit to go over rule changes and points of emphasis with both the Packers and Texans, and to preside over the joint practices.

Spoff, my favorite line from Vic was “help is not on the way.” At this point in 2019 is that the case?

I don’t rule out a waiver claim or two at final cuts, but those are generally reserve players. If a waiver claim is going to crack your starting lineup, your 90-man roster is leaving quite a bit to be desired.

I’m not sold on the new coach. I see a 0-16 season.

You’re reading the mantra backwards. Try it the other way.

One thing that jumped out at me from Family Night was the explosiveness and the pressure created by Rashan Gary. The new 52 was flying all over the place!

It’s time for Gary to start getting more reps against first-team offensive linemen. He’s proven most backups can’t handle him.

Paul from Fort Lauderdale, FL

Neither EQ nor J’Mon received much coverage from Friday night and it seems they’re lagging Davis and Kumerow at least as far as positive comments are concerned. Are they in jeopardy of not being able to work their way back to being relevant or is it still too soon?

Four preseason games remain.

What does an undrafted NFL rookie make money-wise during training camp if he ends up being cut? What if he makes the team? How about the practice squad? Just curious to see what’s on the line for these dreamers.

For a rookie on the active roster, the minimum salary for 2019 is $495,000, or about $29,000 per week for the 17-week season. The minimum practice-squad salary is $8,000 per week. If a rookie gets cut and does not get claimed or sign to a practice squad, then his only pay is any signing bonus he might have received, plus stipends for offseason workouts and camp.

“With tax, that will be $12.65,” said the cashier, as he rang up the purchase of my Packers Yearbook. “How appropriate is that?” I said. He said, “I hadn’t noticed before.” Unbelievable!

Cheryl from Glens Falls, NY

Hi Mike and Wes, I’ve been listening to sports radio these last two weeks of training camp and it seems the focus has mostly been on the splashy headlines (mostly Zeke Elliott and Melvin Gordon’s holdouts, and the comments of Jerry Jones not needing a superstar RB to win Super Bowls, etc.). There’s been almost no news on the NFC North which I suppose is a good thing. What are your takes on the holdouts, and the Cowboys’ dilemma especially?

I don’t blame star running backs for trying to maximize their value before the wear and tear of the position diminishes it. They have a short shelf life, yet teams using that to their advantage is good business on their part. I don’t expect either side to really get what it wants here, but with a lot of time before Week 1, I’m not going to predict another Le’Veon Bell situation in either case. I do think Zeke has more leverage because the Cowboys’ offense is built around him much more than the Chargers’ is built around Gordon. Philip Rivers has made the playoffs only once without a star running back (LaDainian Tomlinson or Gordon), but Gordon’s still not as great a focal point offensively as Zeke is in Dallas.

Kelly from Kimballton, IA

How are things looking at ILB?

Oren Burks is doing everything he needs to in order to earn the larger role on defense he seeks. Now he has to stay on this path through the entire preseason.

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