Sun. Oct 25th, 2020

Eisenberg’s Five Thoughts on Ravens vs. Seahawks

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Eisenberg’s Five Thoughts on Ravens vs. Seahawks

In a game with many turning points and big moments, I’ll single out one play as the most important – and no, it wasn’t either of the two touchdowns the Ravens’ defense produced. Those were huge, as were the countless plays Jackson made with his legs and arm. But this game turned permanently on, of all things, Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll’s decision to attempt a field goal from the Ravens’ 35 with 6:51 left in the third quarter. The score was tied at the time. The Seahawks seemed in control. But instead of being aggressive and seeing if MVP candidate Russell Wilson could make magic happen on a fourth-and-3 play, they let their kicker, Jason Myers, attempt a 53-yarder, which was 11 yards beyond his longest of the season. No surprise, it flew wide, and the Ravens’ offense finally had good field position after being backed up all day. Jackson took full advantage, leading a touchdown drive that gave the Ravens the lead for good. And fittingly, he scored that touchdown after talking Harbaugh into going for it on a fourth down play in the red zone. That was an aggressive decision, unlike the one from the Seahawks minutes earlier. Try to remember that sequence the next time you’re grumbling about Harbaugh taking so many chances.

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