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Drew Brees can’t wait for “History Channel” battle…

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NFL: NOV 08 Saints at Buccaneers

NFL: NOV 08 Saints at Buccaneers

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Between them, Drew Brees and Tom Brady have a lot of everything: wins, completions, yards, touchdowns, rings (mostly belonging to Brady), awards (mostly belonging to Brady) and respect.

“Tom and I have a friendship and a mutual respect,” Brees said Wednesday.

While Brady has more rings and more awards, Brees has the upper hand in their head-to-head battles.

They will meet for the third time this season, the eighth time ever and the first time in the postseason. Brees is 5-2 against Brady, including 2-0 this season.

“We were texting back and forth on Monday, just kind of chuckling at this whole scenario, right,” Brees said. “He’s 43. I turn 42 on Friday, so that’s 85 years and a lot of football experience that’s going to be on the field on Sunday.

“When Tom Brady signed with the Bucs, and I knew that he was coming to our division, I envisioned this game. What was that, nine months ago? Eight months ago? I envisioned this game happening, because I knew our aspirations as a team, to be in the playoffs and beyond, and I certainly knew what he was bringing to the Bucs and that talented roster. And so, I think this is probably where we all envisioned being at this point in the season.”

The combined age of 85 will make Brady and Brees the oldest starting quarterbacks playing against each other in NFL history.

Brady tweeted a meme for the aged, depicting the all-time greats as older quarterbacks set for battle on The History Channel. It was a play on Nickelodeon’s broadcast of the Saints-Bears game last weekend.

Brees retweeted it and chuckled when asked about it Wednesday.

“Unfortunately, they made me look like the dad from Family Ties. I didn’t like the hairline. I’ll be honest,” Brees said. “I would’ve liked a little thicker head of hair. I know I’m getting older and probably losing a little bit. I would have liked a little more hair up top. I’ve never been able to grow a beard, so that’s what I’ve got later on my future. Maybe I’ll get a nice, good, thick beard going. But I thought it was hilarious.”

Drew Brees can’t wait for “History Channel” battle with Tom Brady

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