Wed. Oct 21st, 2020

Dolphins bench Josh Rosen for Ryan Fitzpatrick –…

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Dolphins bench Josh Rosen for Ryan Fitzpatrick –...

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Dolphins head coach Brian Flores proclaimed last week that Josh Rosen was the starting quarterback for the rest of the season. That lasted less than one game.

Trailing 17-3 in the fourth quarter today against Washington, Miami benched Rosen in favor of Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Rosen had been terrible all day, completing 15 of 25 passes for just 85 yards, throwing two interceptions and getting sacked five times. And Fitzpatrick promptly marched the Dolphins down the field for a touchdown. So you could certainly say Flores made the right call.

But benching Rosen just after anointing him the undisputed starter makes the Dolphins look incompetent. Miami may be the worst team in the league, but they at least ought to have a coherent strategy for getting better. It appeared that trying to develop Rosen for the future was part of that strategy, but apparently not.

Dolphins bench Josh Rosen for Ryan Fitzpatrick

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