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Does Jared Goff belong on the waiver wire?

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Does Jared Goff belong on the waiver wire?

Jared Goff is not helping the Los Angeles Rams contend for a third-straight NFC West title this year. Is it time to drop him entirely in fantasy football?

If you watched Sunday Night Football in Week 11 when the Los Angeles Rams hosted the Chicago Bears, then I’m sorry. That was a pitiful game that completely wasted a primetime spot because the quarterback play was deplorably bad. Mitchell Trubisky may not start another game for the Bears and Jared Goff looked like a liability head coach Sean McVay had to navigate to victory.

Goff only completed 11 of 18 passes for 173 yards and an interception. At best, he might have gotten you around five fantasy points. Not only is Goff not playable anymore, but is he even worthy of having a roster spot on your fantasy football roster? The Fantasy Footballers have reached a split decision on Goff going forward in 2019.

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While both Jason Moore and Andy Holloway recognize that the Rams won in spite of Goff in primetime vs. the Bears, one doesn’t think he belongs on your fantasy roster, while the other thinks you should feel free to play him at home against the Baltimore Ravens on Monday Night Football in Week 12.

Holloway thinks you should kick Goff to the curb because Goff is at best the 16th-best fantasy football quarterback, meaning you should be able to get better play from a signal-caller just straight chilling on your bench or there is a better option available on the waiver wire that you should pounce on.

Moore, however, doesn’t see an issue with giving Goff another shot against the Ravens on Monday night. Goff can’t be as ineffective as he was on Sunday night. Perhaps playing opposite of a quarterback who has lost it in Trubisky brought Goff’s level of play down. Moore also isn’t as sold on the Ravens having a great defense as Holloway does.

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Overall, you can’t be satisfied with what you saw out of Goff this past week. He was rendered into essentially an overpriced game manager. If that’s what the Rams are going to have to use now, then they might be better served giving Blake Bortles a shot because he at least has mobility on his side. Goff is a complete statue in the pocket, but he can throw a beautiful deep ball when clean.

Does Jared Goff belong on the waiver wire?

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