Fri. Sep 25th, 2020

DeAndre Hopkins won’t give away his grip strength…

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DeAndre Hopkins won’t give away his grip strength...

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Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins caught 115 passes without dropping one last season, the most catches a player has ever had without a drop. So how does he do it?

Part of it goes back to his childhood habit of catching flies in his bare hands. But another part is that he’s constantly working on his grip strength — something he does in the privacy of his home and even while he’s driving, but not in the gym where anyone else could see what he’s doing.

“There’s a lot of little things that I do at home, during the day, to work on my hands, my hand strength,” Hopkins said. “While I’m driving I do certain things. I can’t give it away. I do those things because I know someone else is trying to come take my position, trying to come take that title. Making first-team All-Pro is not something you can do back-to-back if you’re just sitting at home chilling.”

Hopkins isn’t sitting at home chilling, he’s sitting at home making his hands stronger. Just don’t ask him how.

DeAndre Hopkins won’t give away his grip strength secrets

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