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DeAndre Hopkins can catch anything, even flies –…

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DeAndre Hopkins can catch anything, even flies –...

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DeAndre Hopkins catches many things, especially footballs, if not recognition.

But the Texans wideout has trained himself, Mr. Miyagi-style, to be able to catch anything.

Hopkins told Peter King of NBC’s Football Morning in America that when he was growing up, he had an unusual training method.

“This is something I haven’t told many people, because it’s embarrassing,” Hopkins said. “We always used to catch flies with our hands. I was the only one who could catch ‘em. One-handed, two-handed. I actually studied flies. I’d watch ‘em. How do you catch flies? They fly up. If I can catch that, I can catch anything.”

Perhaps that explains why he’s able to put up numbers like last year (115 catches, 1,572 yards, 11 touchdowns) without a drop.

“Why do you think people don’t really know that?” Hopkins asked King, marveling at the fact he’s not as widely regarded as the best at his job in the league.

Clearly, it’s because anyone who disputes it didn’t know about the flies, or the way he’s able to bush off defenders who play him so physically as if they were gnats.

DeAndre Hopkins can catch anything, even flies

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