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Chiefs plan to stand pat at quarterback, for now –…

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Chiefs plan to stand pat at quarterback, for now –...

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It’s Sunday Splash! time, and anyone and everyone who covers the NFL is trying to produce a Triple Lindy regarding Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

The better approach is to focus on the facts. And here they are, as of right now.

The Chiefs currently are expected to stand pat at quarterback, making Matt Moore the starter and promoting Kyle Shurmur (son of Giants coach Pat Shurmur) from the practice squad for next Sunday night’s game against the Packers. Kyle Shurmur gets the nod as opposed to a free agent because Shurmur knows the system.

Then there’s Chad Henne. He’s eligible to return after Week Eight. So it could be Moore versus the Packers and then Moore or Henne against the Vikings.

As to the rampant (and in some corners of the media confusing and internally contradictory) efforts to cobble a timetable for Mahomes’ return, a source with knowledge of the situation said that it’s all speculation. Mahomes’ return ultimately hinges on the natural healing process, rehab efforts, and subsequent MRI examinations.

The source emphasizd that any effort to state a clear timeline is “good for clicks and retweets,” but ultimately unreliable. The generic timeline for the injury suffered by Mahomes is 3-6 weeks. No one will know when Mahomes can return until more time passes. Anyone who is stating anything at this point regarding a specific return date “is just guessing.”

Still, the Chiefs may need to be ready to make a move, if the timeline ends up being at the high end of the range, if there’s an unexpected setback, and/or if Moore and/or Henne perform poorly. The problem is that the trade window closes in nine days.

So if there’s going to be a dramatic change in the intended approach that entails pursuing someone like Marcus Mariota, it needs to happen sooner than later. Otherwise, the the only options will be Moore, Henne, Shurmur, and any free agents that are or may become available.

Chiefs plan to stand pat at quarterback, for now

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