Sun. Oct 25th, 2020

Cardinals Film Room: Maxx Williams Sneaks Out

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Williams scores, and Fitzgerald shows love by tackling Williams during the celebration: “He’s a Minnesota guy, man. He’s from way up north, though. I’ve never been up there to Waconia where he’s from, but that’s my man. He works tirelessly. He’s such a humble, hard-working dude. He does all the dirty work and to finally see him get in there it’s good to see those guys that work their tails off like that get rewarded with a touchdown.”

Williams appreciates the kind words but could have done without the takedown: “I’m running over to go do field goal (protection on the extra point), and all of a sudden I’m going back to the ground. I looked back and Fitz was just laughing. I knew Fitz tackled guys, but I didn’t think I was going to get tackled in the game, in that situation. I told him, ‘If I’m in NOT Top 10 (on Sportscenter), I’m going to be so mad at him.’”

Kingsbury puts his play-sheet away: “I’m just glad he got in the end zone. I didn’t want to be first-and-1 from the 1 anymore.”

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