Wed. Nov 25th, 2020

Bill O’Brien offers salty answer to Matt Kalil…

Bill O’Brien offers salty answer to Matt Kalil...

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Texans left tackle Matt Kalil is hurt a lot. Texans left tackle Matt Kalil wasn’t at practice Tuesday.

Ask Texans coach Bill O’Brien if Matt Kalil is hurt at your own risk.

Via Brian Smith of the Houston Chronicle, O’Brien had a rather interesting reaction when asked if Kalil was injured today.

“Is he hurt? I don’t have to release an injury report until the season starts,” O’Brien said. “Every time I come up here, I get asked about 50 questions about injuries. So, you’ll get an injury report when the season starts.

“Right now, I will tell you he is out of practice, per the head coach’s discretion. How is that for an answer? You good?

The Texans released a modified version of that exchange on the official transcript they send out to the media. And by modified, we mean “sort of consistent in the theme of the message but not at all the tone.”

“You’ll get an injury report when the season starts,” the transcript version reads. “Right now I’ll tell you that he’s out of practice per the head coach’s discretion.”

Any monkeyshines with the official recording of quotes by a team aside (perhaps Baker Mayfield will weigh in with an important lesson about context or clickbait or something), the bigger question for the Texans would be whether Kalil is actually well.

O’Brien stated emphatically that Kalil was his left tackle for the coming season when asked why he didn’t play in last week’s preseason game. Kalil missed all of last year with knee problems, and has been up and down when he was available in recent years, so given the state of the Texans line, asking about Kalil’s condition seems like a reasonable question.

O’Brien apparently disagrees.

Bill O’Brien offers salty answer to Matt Kalil injury question

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