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Bill Belichick already mentions Jarvis Landry’s…

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Bill Belichick already mentions Jarvis Landry’s...

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Browns receiver Jarvis Landry apparently didn’t mean to guarantee a win over the Patriots. But his “we’re going to win” comments caught fire on Twitter without regard to his effort to backtrack, and the Patriots surely will seize on the version that best serves their interests.

As noted by Tom Curran of NBC Sports Boston, one Patriots player who was asked if he’d seen Landry’s comments said, “No, but Bill [Belichick] mentioned it to us.”

Of course he did. And he will do it again and again. Because 7-0 teams with historically dominant defenses and the greatest quarterback of all time who are favored to win by 13 rarely have the opportunity to use things said by the other team to provide extra incentive to win.

Regarding the effort to clean things up by Landry, it won’t matter. The video makes a compelling case for a guarantee.

“Now that you guys are all rested up,” Landry is asked, “what’s your sense for how the Browns are going to do coming out of the bye?”

“Well, we’re gonna win,” Landry responds. “We’re gonna win. It’s just that simple. We’re getting guys back healthy again, and we’re gonna win.”

Landry later said that he meant to say, “We’re going there to win.” And subsequent usages of the phrase “we’re gonna win” during his 11-minute session support the notion that he’s saying the objective for the team is to go there to win the game (which, of course, it always it). But the video is what it is; he says what he says. In the specific context of the question asked and answered beginning at 6:14 of the video, it comes off as a matter-of-fact vow to prevail.

And maybe they will. But they’re definitely not going to catch the Patriots napping. Belichick already has begun the process of keeping that from happening.

Bill Belichick already mentions Jarvis Landry’s comments to Patriots players

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