Sat. Oct 24th, 2020

Allen Lazard, Jamaal Williams seize the moment for…

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Allen Lazard, Jamaal Williams seize the moment for...

In his first game back after a scary hit against Philadelphia two-plus weeks ago, Williams was effective in both the run (14 carries for 104 yards) and pass game (four catches for 32 yards and a TD).

Along with registering a career-long 45-yard carry that led to a Crosby 37-yard field goal before halftime, Williams unselfishly gave himself up at the Detroit 3-yard line to enable the Packers to run out the clock and allow Crosby to kick the game-winner.

His performance was critical in the offense moving the chains throughout (22 first downs) and helping the team overcome three turnovers.

While fellow running back and close friend Aaron Jones draws the most national headlines, Williams is happy about his role on the team and making his opportunity count against the Lions – a sentiment that extends to all levels of the Packers’ depth chart.

“People don’t look at being at No. 2 as a bad thing. They take it as just waiting on their opportunity to come,” Williams said. “We just want to be able to compete. I feel like our team, you don’t just have to worry about the starters. You have to worry about backups and people coming in the game because we’re all good, we all know what we need to do.

“We know in all positions we can execute. Nobody is afraid to go out there and make plays. You never know who the playmakers are going to be.”

Whether it was an established veteran like Lewis or an unheralded first-year player like Lazard, the Packers knew it was going to take a full team effort to notch their fifth win of the year.

When the lights shined the brightest, the reserves made the plays they needed to make whether anyone expected them to or not. And where exactly does that mindset come from?

“Because I’ve been making plays my entire life,” Lazard said. “I’m made for stuff like this. I’m made for big moments. It’s something that I’ll never back down from.”

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