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Aaron Rodgers, MVP candidate – ProFootballTalk

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Aaron Rodgers, MVP candidate – ProFootballTalk

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His numbers aren’t off the charts; if anything, they’re in the middle of the pack, or worse. And if you watched Monday night’s game, you’ll understand why.

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers doesn’t exactly have a lot of help, especially with Davante Adams out.

Aaron Jones dropped a touchdown pass, and Jimmy Graham dropped a touchdown pass. Darrius Shepherd dropped a ball at the goalline right into the hands of a defensive back, just like Antonio Callaway did the prior Monday for the Browns.

Unlike the prior Monday, a player wearing No. 13 made a big play, with receiver Allen Lazard (at the urging of Rodgers) getting more chances — and making a spectacular catch of a spectacular throw for a touchdown that got Green Bay within two points.

It’s clear while watching the Packers play that Rodgers is playing at a high level, as high as ever. And if the Packers can parlay their 5-1 start into the No. 1 seed, Rodgers should get serious consideration for league MVP honors. Because if the Packers end up with the No. 1 seed, it will be the direct result of performances like the one that Rodgers authored on Monday night.

Aaron Rodgers, MVP candidate

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