Mon. Sep 21st, 2020

5 Takeaways from the Vikings Win Over Seattle

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5 Takeaways from the Vikings Win Over Seattle

2. Vikings get good situational work versus Seahawks

Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer is intentional about spending time each practice working on important situations that pop up over the course of the season. That practice paid off on Sunday night because the Vikings found themselves in several crucial situations in all three phases of the game. In a two-minute drill late in the 2nd quarter, the Vikings offense took just 43 seconds to drive 63 yards in seven plays and score a touchdown. The Vikings defense responded immediately by taking the field with 1:05 to play in the first half and held Seattle without a 1st down. With 5:15 to play in the 4th quarter, the Vikings scored a touchdown to take a 23-16 lead and then converted a two-point attempt to increase the lead to nine and all but eliminate the chances of overtime. Later in the 4th quarter, the Vikings offense took the field again, this time with a six-point lead and 3:12 remaining on the clock. Using their “four-minute offense,” the Vikings gained two 1st downs and milked all but six seconds off the game clock. On special teams, the Vikings handled an onside kick situation late in the 4th quarter and also found ways to work in newly-acquired specialist Kaare Vedvik. All-in-all, Zimmer and his staff will have plenty of situational football to breakdown with the team this week during meetings and practices.

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