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5 Patriots who Cam Newton will help the most

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The Patriots decision to sign Cam Netwon turns New England into instant Super Bowl contenders. His arrival is a big boost to these five players.

Credit Bill Belichick for staying patient and still getting his man. The Patriots managed to lie low for a significant portion of the offseason and still landed arguably the most talented quarterback on the free agent market. Cam Newton arrives in Foxborough with massive expectations placed on his broad shoulders.

New England already returned one of the top defenses in football, but the shocking departure of Tom Brady at the quarterback position left the offense in a vulnerable state. If Newton can stay healthy, he might give the Patriots even better play at the game’s most important position than they enjoyed in 2019.

To achieve that kind of success, Newton will need help from his teammates. Fortunately, his set of dynamic skills will give quite a few guys on the Patriots’ roster a big lift. The following five players will benefit most from Newton’s signing.

These 5 players on Patriots will be helped most by Cam Newton

5. Isaiah Wynn

Wynn missed his entire rookie season after suffering a torn Achilles. That injury also cost him half of his 2019 season. The good news for the Patriots is that the talented tackle appears to be ready to go heading into 2020.

His lack of experience protecting the quarterback’s blind side might cause him to struggle early on. That’s why blocking for an especially mobile quarterback like Newton will give him such a significant lift. Wynn doesn’t have to be perfect to keep Newton from being sacked.

The same wouldn’t have been true when blocking for either Jarrett Stidham or Brian Hoyer. Either of those, more traditional signal-callers, would have needed elite protection from the left tackle position. Wynn’s job gets much easier with Newton’s arrival. He still needs to play really good football in 2020, but perfection is no longer required.

5 Patriots who Cam Newton will help the most

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