Mon. Nov 30th, 2020

5 49ers to Watch in Preseason Opener vs. Cowboys

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5 49ers to Watch in Preseason Opener vs. Cowboys

Greenlaw has been one of the standouts so far in training camp. The rookie has seen first-team reps at SAM linebacker and appears to be earning the trust of his teammates and coaches. An encouraging preseason performance could set the linebacker up to see starting snaps during the regular season. 

“(Dre is a) good learner,” defensive coordinator Robert Saleh said. “He’s playing SAM, he’s playing WILL, so he’s going back and forth with regards to base and nickel. He’s doing a very good job understanding what his issues are within the scheme. Understanding the alignment part, that’s not completely clean, but it’s very close for a rookie. At this point in camp, you have your entire system that we can call anything at any time and he’s got to be on it. Where in a game plan, it’s much more specific, so it would be easier for him to align and do all those things once the season starts. But, for him with what we’re asking him to do, I think he’s doing a really nice job from a learning aspect.”

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