Thu. Oct 22nd, 2020

10 funniest tweets after the Falcons blew another…

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10 funniest tweets after the Falcons blew another...

The Atlanta Falcons did it again, if you can believe it

Yes, really. Just one week after blowing a 20-point lead to the Dallas Cowboys, Dan Quinn and the Falcons lost a nailbiter to the Chicago Bears, in which they held yet another substantial advantage.

This time there was no devastating onside kick, no ridiculously dumb play that’ll give Falcons fan nausea. However, Quinn is very clearly digging his own grave.

Sure, Nick Foles came in and led another ridiculous comeback when called upon. Bears fans think they’ve finally found a quarterback. But that’s not the storyline, and NFL Twitter knows that.

NFL Twitter destroyed the Falcons for blowing another late lead

If you can believe it, there were more that didn’t make the cut.

The Falcons are the lovable losers in the modern NFL. Atlanta sports fans have become far too used to that fact, with their most recent significant conundrum being the blown 28-3 lead against the New England Patriots.

Regular season losses are just that, and don’t end a season. But losing games in the manner of which the Falcons have become accustomed to — despite Matt Ryan and the offense putting up solid numbers — is bound to linger. For Atlanta to truly overcome this mental block, they need a win next week, and even that might not be enough.

A culture change is needed. It’s time for Arthur Blank to provide it.

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10 funniest tweets after the Falcons blew another late lead to the Bears

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